90s Night At Bar Native

Bar Manager Adam Flamenbaum Discusses The Idea Behind 90s Night at Bar Native

Join Team Native at the bar on September 20th as we bring back and re-invent iconic 90s cocktails, with a Native twist.

From the classic Kamikaze to Mind Erasers, Bar Manager Adam Flamenbaum is reimagining the 90s and brining them into the 21st century through crafting what were once shots into elevated cocktails. Other cocktails the team will be mixing include:

  • Blowjob

  • B-52

  • Surfer on Acid

  • Adios Mother Fucker

  • Purple Hooter

  • Washington Apple

  • Jolly RancherĀ 

  • Red Headed Slut

So bust out the acid washed jeans and pull out the scrunchies because September 20th is about to be radical, as-if!